Self Edge Updates

October 20, 2016

3sixteen x CHUP Socks, Crosscut Flannels, & High Rise Skinny Women's Jeans

A shipment of socks, shirts, and jeans from 3sixteen has just landed at all of our stores.  

They've gotten together with Japan's famed CHUP company to produce a set of patterned socks where the blue/navy areas are indigo-dyed; over time the sock's pattern will change as the indigo wears and washes out.

We've also received this year's version of their popular crosscut flannel shirt, this time in a great orange color

We know many have been waiting for a higher rise skinny jean from 3sixteen+ and they've finally arrived.  These are available now in both an indigo denim and a black/black "eyeliner" denim.


3sixteen Crosscut Flannel Shirt - Orange Ombre

3sixteen x CHUP 2016 Socks

3sixteen+ 66BSP Skinny Jeans - Indigo

3sixteen+ 766BSP Skinny Jeans - Black