Self Edge Updates

July 1, 2015

Summer Heat from Star of Hollywood, Sun Surf, Sugar Cane, & Duke Kahanamoku

We've just received a large shipment of summer shirts from four brands which specialize in keeping you cool during the warmer months.  These styles range from linen blends to printed cotton oxfords and everything in between.  

These are made in small numbers and most have never been available outside of Japan before.  Don't get caught being overdressed in the heat, let Toyo's brands help you.

Sun Surf "Baffled White Fire" Button-Down Shirt

Sun Surf "Cryptic Goldfish Throne" Hemp & Cotton Pull-Over

Sun Surf "Straight Mambo Time" Button-Down Shirt

Star of Hollywood "Unholy Boomerang" Shirt

Duke Kahanamoku "Pineapple Express" Pull-Over - Navy

Duke Kahanamoku "Pineapple Express" Pull-Over - White

Sugar Cane "Blue Thunder" Liberty Striped Shirt

Sugar Cane Light "Sticky Icky Honeycomb" Shirt

Sun Surf Hula Short Sleeve - Blue

Sun Surf Hula Short Sleeve - Cream