Self Edge Updates

October 28, 2014

Self Edge Online Warehouse Sale


After eight years we're going to be having our first warehouse sale.  Items being sold will consist of every imaginable type of thing we've ever sold from every brand we've carried.  Everything is marked down 40% to 80% off the original retail price.  We've partnered wth our good friends from Que Pasa Shop to sell everything for us. All items will be shipped from Portland, so regardless of where you are there will be no sales tax.   We will have over 500 items listed for sale, it's quite a bit of product going back to the beginning of Self Edge; some things make us nostalgic for the early items we used to sell.  We will be reducing the prices of whatever is left from the sale every 7 to 10 days until everything is gone.

The sale will start at Que Pasa's Online Shop at 10am (PDT) on Friday, October 31st.

All sales are final, terms and conditions, and shipping rates, are all listed on Que Pasa's website.  All questions regarding orders can be directed to Que Pasa Shop.  

Shop at Que Pasa: