Self Edge Updates

December 15, 2014

Strike Gold Indigo-Dyed Flannels & Self Edge Denim Hangers

We've just received Strike Gold's new indigo-dyed yarn flannel shirts and have finally put up our hand-made jean hangers up for sale in our online store.  

This is the first time we've seen a flannel shirt which has indigo dyed yarns within the pattern. This means that over time with regular wear and washing the pattern will start to change slowly as the indigo fades from the blue/navy areas of the pattern.  

The jean hangers which you've seen at all of our stores were designed by us and produced by Burwell Arts in San Francisco.  Each one is hammered and shaped by hand.  

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Strike Gold Indigo-Dyed Yarn Flanel - Indigo/Green

Strike Gold Indigo-Dyed Yarn Flanel - Indigo/Red

Hand Made Steel Jean Hanger