Self Edge Updates

June 24, 2016

Sugar Cane Raw Unsanforized Type II Jacket - Modified Length & Larger Sizes

We've always loved Sugar Cane's version of the classic 1950's style Type II denim jacket.   They've gotten the denim feel right, the stitching is perfect, the iron buttons are classicly reproduced, and deer skin patch ages just as well as the denim itself.  Normally this jacket is available only in a one-wash version.  If you want an unsanforized denim jacket to age well over time we recommend buying a raw non-wash version.  The industrial washing and drying softens the denim to the point where aging over time will be less defined (this is even more true on a denim jacket where wear is harder to come by), therefore we recommend doing the water soak of the jacket at home.  Sugar Cane has made a batch of these jackets exclusively for Self Edge in a non-wash raw version which is 1.5" longer in the body length so it can be worn with an un-tucked shirt. Also for the first time ever these are made in larger sizes.  

Along with the Type II jacket we've received a full restock of all Sugar Cane jean models, cowhide leather belts, and Whitesville tees (tees are in-store only). 

Sugar Cane 1953 Type II Unsanforized Raw Denim Jacket - Modified Length