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Self Edge Updates

July 9, 2018

Flat Head Summer Shirts, The Return Of The THC T-Shirt, & More

We've got some super hot things from Flat Head this week.   These new "Cylob Meets The Comets" shirts remind us why Flat Head is at the top of the list when it comes to brands which develop amazing fabrics.  These are available in black and red, and feel as amazing as they look.

We've also received an awesome chainstitch embroidered shirt with a "Flat Head" stitch on the chest and much more intricate design on the back of the shirt, this one is a real winner.

Years ago we had these t-shirts from Flat Head which we could barely keep in stock.  They were special, a little more went into them than even the nicest tee we'd seen.  The fabric was a beautiful loopwheeled cotton, the fit was perfect, the neck ribbing was narrow, and the collar was triple-stitched with a contrast stitch.  We're happy to say that Flat Head has started to produce these again and they now are made in one size larger than before.  These are available now in black or white.

We've also received a new run of their steel buckle belts.  They had stopped making these for a couple of years but have started back up and we're thankful they did.

Lastly we've got a full restock of the SE05BSP slim tapered jean made of Flat Head's famed 3xxx denim.  This fabric ages very well over time, and is regarded to be the gold standard of a high contrast fading jean.

Flat Head “Cylob Meets The Comets” RJB Shirt - Black

Flat Head “Cylob Meets The Comets” RJB Shirt - Red

Flat Head Full Tank Chainstitch Embroidered Shirt

Flat Head "The Other THC" Loopwheeled T-Shirt - Black

Flat Head "The Other THC" Loopwheeled T-Shirt - White

SE05BSP Jean

Leather Belt - Black

Leather Belt - Tan