Self Edge Updates

September 24, 2014

Flat Head Indigo Linen Shirts, Heavyweight T-Shirts, RJB Flannels, Wallets, Bracelets, & More

Last year one of the most impressive shirts we received was a short sleeve indigo-dyed linen shirt from Flat Head.  When new this shirt is dark blue and with wear and washing the linen fabric comes alive due to the indigo rope-dying technique used to dye the yarns.  We've seen quite a few of these with heavy wear on them and they look unbelievable.  We liked this shirt so much we've had Flat Head make us a small run of them exclusively for our shops.  Only 80 shirts were made in this new run and they're availalble now at all of our stores.  

We've also received a new printed heavyweight t-shirt and a wild Real Japan Blues dobby flannel shirt that has to be one of the craziest fabrics we've seen.  The RJB shirt is a collectible in Japan, they do it every year in a new color and with this new iteration we thought it was time to carry the style at our shops.  

Along with these new items we've received Flat Head's mid-length wallets in black and tan (with their new sterling silver ring design), woven leather and silver bracelets, feather rings, and a full restock of nearly every jean model including the popular slim tapered SE05BSP jean.

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Glory Park Indigo-Dyed Linen Short Sleeve

Real Japan Blues 6-D Acid Trip Shirt

Flat Head "Native Dimensions" Heavy Weight T-Shirt

Flat Head Woven Leather & Silver Bracelets

Mid-Length Wallet - Black

Mid-Length Wallet - Tan

Silver Feather Ring

SE05BSP Jean