Self Edge Updates

July 25, 2014

Stevenson Summer Collection & 727 Jean

Stevenson Overall Company has turned into a favorite of ours over the past year.  They're able to create perfect garments while staying true to a mid-century style.  With this delivery we have three shirts and a new production run of the 727 jean.  We're starting to see photographs of what their jeans are looking like after a year or so of wear and it's impressive.  The aging that takes place on the edges of the back pockets looks great and the denim feels and ages as a good vintage style selvedge denim should.  

These three new shirts and a new run of the 727 jean are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store.  Check the product pages for full spec lists, measurements, and more photographs.

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Stevenson Indigo Dyed Deckhand Short Sleeve

Stevenson Ash Grey Cherokee Shirt

Stevenson "No Choice" Indigo Paisley Short Sleeve

727 La Jolla Jean