Self Edge Updates

July 30, 2015

The Roy "Big Bro" Baja Red Chambray Short Sleeve

Roy is back with his first shirt in over a year. The "Big Bro" Baja shirt is a red selvedge Japanese chambray done up in a simple short sleeved shirt with small details here and there, as you would expect a shirt made by Roy Slaper. The fabric is a medium weight chambray that has a small pattern to the weave which becomes more apparent after the first wash.

One of the details we personally love is the busted selvedge seam up the back of the shirt, over time you'll have jean-like train tracks running up your back. Also, Roy has this wild machine that's able to do a stitch that melts our minds, it's meant to be an invisible hemming machine but to us it looks like a crazy fabric perforator. He's used this machine to hem the front placket of the shirt which also hides the button backs from your body when the shirt is worn. Also, the gussetted side seams are done up with a selvedge ID accent.

This Roy shirt will be released at noon (local time) on Saturday August 1st at all four Self Edge stores.  It will also be released at 9am (PDT) on the same day via our online store.

Roy "Big Bro" Red Chambray Baja Short Sleeve