The Story

Founded in 2006...

By Kiya and Demitra Babzani, Self Edge is the most extensive destination for the world's finest men's denim, shirts and leather accessories, all with a distinct aesthetic and details that are second to none. With locations in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, and Mexico, Self Edge offers casual menswear with an emphasis on the absolute best quality regardless of the type of garment or accessory. In addition, they provide a full range of repair and hemming services which are all done in-house on their own vintage Union Special and Singer darning machines. Self Edge has grown since 2006, but more importantly it has grown without any compromises. Self Edge opened their latest store in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico and they continue to dedicate their business to foster the appreciation of the highest quality of goods.

Husband and wife business partners, Kiya and Demitra, created Self Edge after they discovered a set of Japanese brands which were producing vintage American-style garments with an attention to detail unseen in the U.S. Inspired by this traditional technique-driven manufacturing, they introduced this unique style to the U.S. to show the American market the best quality in garment and leather accessory production. They have handpicked brands that specifically have a deep-rooted story and passion for their craft. Travelling to mills and factories to meet with designers and production managers is an ongoing part of the process. To maintain the integrity and quality of these brands without compromise, Self Edge has sole exclusivity in the U.S. for most of their brands. Self Edge is admired globally for its impassioned, knowledgeable staff and extensive stock list of rare, premium brands. Self Edge stands out thanks to their unwavering commitment to carry brands that replicate the painstaking, albeit rewarding, manufacturing techniques of vintage denim from the '30s and '40s.

The overarching vision behind Self Edge is to elevate the status of authentic, high quality brands in the denim market. Amidst an industry dominated by fleeting trends, Self Edge carries impeccably constructed garments that challenge consumers to value quality above all else. Self Edge guarantees denim expertise with a rare personal touch, as Kiya and Demitra have personally visited each of the brands with whom they partner. The Self Edge staff is uniquely qualified to answer all customer inquiries regarding the entire denim production process. As passionate denim experts, the Self Edge team educates all of their customers on denim care myths by providing answers to any and all questions. The SE team also gives each customer a customized denim care reference guide with their purchase. Furthermore, Self Edge brings new and interesting offerings to their customers, such as the Self Edge jewelry line, loop-wheeled t-shirts/hoodies and an extensive variety of unsanforized denim. (Jeans not sprayed with any chemicals/solvents/water, to further evolve the denim head).

Denim and vintage aficionados praise Self Edge for its meticulous collaborations with top brands, producing exclusive lines of artisan clothing and jewelry that reflect its high quality creed and Americana inspiration.