Jun 7, 2024

New Mister Freedom Jeans & Summer Shirts

June 7, 2024

Three very hot releases from Mister Freedom just hit our stores.  We have new jeans made of a Vidalia Mills black selvedge denim, a NOS Cone Mills Denim indigo jean, and the Watertown short sleeve cotton and linen chambray, named after the internal code name for AREA51.  Please check our product pages on our site for in depth spec lists for all three garments. 

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Mister Freedom Watertown Short Sleeve Shirt - Indigo Cotton/Linen Chambray
Mister Freedom Californian Lot 64 Jeans - Vidalia Mills Draper Loom Black
Mister Freedom Californian Lot. 54 Reissue - NOS Cone Denim XUV

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