May 16, 2024

Sugar Cane Super Denim Collectibles, Whitesville Border Stripe Tees, & Spring Collections

May 16, 2024

Led by Yuichi Fukutomi, a denim specialist from Sugar Cane, the new label SUGAR CANE Super “Denim” Collectibles was launched this year bringing together a team of denim experts. Renowned vintage denim collector, Shigeki Wakiya, has joined this project with a focus on faithfully replicating the “character” of super rare, deadstock, and golden-sized super-vintage pieces that are nearly impossible to find today. The inaugural collection features pieces which have garnered significant attention in the current vintage market and are known as the “World War II model.” Drawing inspiration from unwashed deadstock vintage denim blouses and jeans, complete with residual glue, new denim fabrics were developed and painstakingly duplicated to match the original vintages, capturing the color hue of oxidized indigo and the characteristics of the warp and weft yarns. Various components are created to emulate the aged appearance of deadstock. Regarding the sewing stitching, not only are the thread count and sewing pitch faithfully recreated, but also the irregular, non-uniform stitching is meticulously duplicated.

The 1943 model represents a product manufactured during one of the most challenging years for material control within the U.S. industry, amidst the harsh conditions of World War II. It features highly uneven and rugged denim fabric, military-style doughnut buttons, steel rivet, and all yellow-stitching. It omits rivets on the coin pocket, and has uncoated concealed rivets, preserving their natural steel color. The pocket bags are made from flannel fabric, demonstrating the strict cotton usage regulations of the time. Similarly, due to a shortage of skilled workers, various irregularities, such as rough sewing stitches, misaligned back yoke seams, and imperfect hemming, can be observed, which would be considered unacceptable in normal circumstances.

We've also received new striped whitesville t-shirts in a heavier weight fabric, Duke Pineapple summer shirts, and jean restocks in all fits in both indigo and black.

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Sugar Cane Super Denim Collectibles #08 - S1943- 13.5oz Denim Jacket
Sugar Cane Super Denim Collectibles #09 - S1943 - 13.5oz Jeans
Whitesville Border Stripe T-Shirt - Olive/Natural
Whitesville Border Stripe T-Shirt - Navy/Gray
Duke Kahanamoku Short Sleeve - DUKE’S PINEAPPLE
Sugar Cane Long Sleeve Workshirt - Vat Dyed Selvedge Chambray
Sugar Cane 1947 Jean
Sugar Cane 2021 14.25oz Denim Jeans - Slim Tapered
Sugar Cane 1955 Jean
Sugar Cane Type III Black Denim Jeans - Slim

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