May 7, 2024

The Fine Creek Shinki Horsehide RYAN Jacket

May 7, 2024

The Fine Creek RYAN jacket in Shinki horsehide is back!

We’ve got a hot one this week from Fine Creek. The Ryan model is here and is made of what we believe to be the best horsehide in the world from Japan’s famed Shinki Hikaku tannery. This 1.3mm tea-core dyed horsehide feels and looks great when new and looks unbelievable when broken in. Fine Creek have created a completely new Shinki "recipe" for the Ryan model, we've never seen a Shinki horsehide which looks and feels like this. The Ryan jacket has three zippered outer pockets and is cotton flannel lined. 

These are available now in black or brown in limited numbers at all stores.

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Fine Creek Horsehide Jacket - Ryan / Black
Fine Creek Horsehide Jacket - Ryan / Brown

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