Jan 17, 2024

Iron Heart's 888 Jean & Selvedge Chambray Shirts

January 17, 2024

Iron Heart's 888 jean is now available in their 21oz SBG (Super Black Fade-To-Gray) denim, 21oz indigo flagship denim, and an overdyed black version of the same indigo denim.  The 888 model is Iron Heart's high rise straight tapered fit, a silhouette which has become quite popular over the last couple of years.  

We've also received a fresh run of their 10oz selvedge chambray shirts with snap buttons.

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Iron Heart 888s-SBG Super Black Fade-To-Gray Denim - High Rise Straight Tapered Fit
Iron Heart 888s 21oz Denim Jean - High Rise Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 888s-OD Overdyed Jeans - Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 10oz Selvedge Chambray Snap Buttoned Shirt - IHSH-13-BLU

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