Jan 16, 2024

Merz B. Schwanen Winter Collection and T-Shirts

January 16, 2024

We’ve just received new Merz B. Schwanen winter colors in tees, sweaters, socks, and underwear and a huge restock of previously released t-shirts, underwear, and sweaters in various fibers and colors, all loopwheeled, and ready for the winter.

Over the past six years Merz B. Schwanen has slowly turned into many of our clients’ favorite basics brand. The combination of attention to detail, breadth of textile styles, and various colors and fibers has turned Merz into a basics powerhouse. Cotton garments are made of organic Greek cotton then loopwheeled on vintage knitting machines in Germany and finished with vintage-correct construction and trim. Everything from the knitting to the cutting and sewing is done in-house at Merz. The attention to detail in their tees, sweaters, and underwear is impressive and we're excited to be able to expand what we stock from them.

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Merz b. Schwanen Super Duper Heavyweight T-Shirt - 14oz Ruby Red - 2S14.507
Merz B. Schwanen Loopwheeled Half-Zip Sweater - 12oz Desert Sun - 342Z.201
Merz b. Schwanen Extra-Fine Merino Wool Socks - MW72 & MW75
Merz b. Schwanen 2-Thread Heavy Weight T-Shirt - Henley Natural w/ Regular Sleeve - 204SL.02
Merz b. Schwanen 2-Thread Heavyweight T-Shirt - Natural Pocket - 215P.02
Merz b. Schwanen 2-Thread Heavyweight T-Shirt - Gray Pocket - 215P.80
Merz. B Schwanen 2-Thread Heavy Weight T-Shirt - Deep Black Pocket - 215P.99
Merz B. Schwanen Loopwheeled Boxer Brief Underwear - Ink Blue - 255.66

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