Sep 14, 2022

Pure Blue Japan Fall Collection of Jeans

September 14, 2022

Pure Blue Japan’s IDBK overdyed warp jean is here. This is an 18oz denim with an indigo weft and a warp made of a yarn which is pure indigo dyed then overdyed black before being woven into denim. You’re going to get a “three way” fading process with these as the warp and weft age in a different manner over time.

We also now have their flagship 14oz denim available in their 013 slim and 019 straight tapered fits at all stores.

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Pure Blue Japan XX-18oz-019/IDBK Jeans - Straight Tapered Overdyed Warp
Pure Blue Japan XX-013 14oz Denim Jean - Slim Tapered
Pure Blue Japan XX-019 Indigo Jeans - 14oz Straight Tapered

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