Sep 12, 2022

The Iron Heart 20th Anniversary Ultra-Heavy Flannel & Deerskin Shirts

September 12, 2022

The Iron Heart flannel that started it all is back as part of Iron Heart’s 20th Anniversary collection. Back when Iron Heart originally released this flannel we were the only brick and mortar store outside Japan selling the brand. We’ll never forget getting this shirt in at our first store in San Francisco around 2006. We’d never seen a flannel like it. It was soft, heavy (10oz back then), and the pattern had a nice depth to it that opened up over time with wear. We probably bought 20 of them for the shop, with half of those going to staff and friends of the shop; they’re still to this day one of the most coveted things we’ve ever sold. If you weren’t one of those lucky 20 back in 2006 you now have a chance to own one. Same colors, same pattern, now made of 12oz flannel, but slightly pale-gray overdyed to bring the final weight to 14oz, the heaviest flannel Iron Heart has ever produced.

We also have a new run of Ezo deerskin shirts and 10oz overdyed denim western shirts.

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Iron Heart Deerskin Snap Buttoned Shirt - Black
Iron Heart 10oz Western Shirt - IHSH-321-OD - Indigo Overdyed Black

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