Sep 1, 2022

3sixteen Winter Crosscut Flannels & CPO Shirts

September 1, 2022

We’ve got two hot ones this week from 3sixteen.  First up we have their buffalo plaid crosscut flannel from their new fall collection. These are produced of a 100% cotton indigo-dyed flannel which is slack weave woven for extra pattern depth and are finished with enamel coated metal fisheye buttons.

Also, as part of 3sixteen’s new fall collection we have their indigo sashiko CPO shirt. These are made of a beautiful custom woven sashiko fabric that's pure indigo dyed. These shirts start our dark indigo in color and will fade as they're worn and washed over the years.

Along with these two new releases we also have fresh production runs of 3sixteen's chinos, available in three colors.

3sixteen Crosscut Flannel - Indigo Buffalo Plaid
3sixteen Selvedge Chinos - Black
3sixteen Selvedge Chinos - Khaki
3sixteen Selvedge Chinos - Olive
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