Apr 25, 2022

Sugar Cane Shirts, Denim Jackets, The Black 1947, & All The Jeans

April 25, 2022

Sugar Cane hits us with their first short sleeve shirt of the season. This is a custom discharge printed fabric printed with micro images of the four suits of playing cards, clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

The black/black 1947 jean from Sugar Cane is finally back!  For 75 years we’d been waiting for a Japanese made black/black 1947 jean, and they’re finally here. Sugar Cane has taken 1947 jean, which we could say is the most solid classic straight leg jean fit of all time, and made it out of their 13oz yarn-dyed black selvedge denim. This fabric has a sulfur dyed warp and a reactive dyed weft, this gives you a deep black jean which will age over time with some decent character, similar to how an indigo jean will age with regular wear. These are now available up to size 40 at all stores and online.

Available now at all stores along with a fat restock of all Sugar Cane jean models.

Sugar Cane “The Wave Speech” Card Suit Shirt
Sugar Cane 1953 Type II Raw Denim Jacket - Rinsed
Sugar Cane 1947 Jean - Black/Black (Self Edge Exclusive)
Sugar Cane 1947 Jean
Sugar Cane 2009 Jean
Sugar Cane 2021 14.25oz Denim Jeans - Slim Tapered
Sugar Cane 1966 Jean
Sugar Cane Okinawa Jean
Sugar Cane Hawaii Jean
Sugar Cane 1955 Jean
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