Jan 13, 2022

Kei Shigenaga Rei Ring & Ryu Necklace

January 13, 2022

We have two new pieces of jewelry from Kei Shigenaga this week, the Rei ring and the Ryu necklace and pendant.

The Ryu necklace was inspired by two Japanese carps swimming together. The ancient Japanese tale says a carp swims upstream to become a dragon, which is known as "ryu" in Japanese, hence the name of the necklace. Melted 18k gold is poured into the two scars on the carps' heads, which tells the story of the carp trying its best to chase its dream to become a dragon. The design is a homage to traditional Japanese Kintsugi which is an artistic method to repair broken pottery with gold, to give the crack a new life. The chain is finished with a branded solid 18k yellow gold "tag".

We also have the Rei ring; the ring's yellow gold accent is not gold plated, this is a solid sterling silver ring with 18k gold poured into the “crack”. These are just beautiful, are finished with such high detail, and are super comfortable. These rings go through countless hours of hand finishing and polishing to achieve the look and feel you'll see when you put this ring on. Pretty unreal attention to detail in both the shape and oxidation points of these rings.

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Kei Shigenaga Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Necklace & Pendants- Ryu
Kei Shigenaga Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Ring - Rei

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