Jan 5, 2022

Samurai Makoto Selvedge Jeans and ZERO FABRIC Soybean Dyed T-Shirts

January 5, 2022

This week we have two jeans from Samurai and their ZERO FABRIC t-shirts in a new black soybean dyed version.

The new S140SXJ-GRK jean from Samurai is a limited edition model with some truly interesting accents, mostly hidden on the inside of the jean. Very special pocket bags, three different types of buttons, a tri-colored selvedge ID, all in their new relaxed tapered fit made of an unbelievably nice 18oz textured denim.

We also have Samurai’s S211VX jean. These are made of Samurai's custom Benkei denim which consists of a special 6x5 twill weave developed exclusively for this model. This level of texture in denim is something Samurai has been doing before most Japanese brands and has been a hallmark of the brand since its inception in 1997.

Samurai’s ZERO FABRIC t-shirts are now available in a kuromame dyed “black” color. This new run of tees has been given a long bath in a locally grown kuromame (black soybean) “soup” to achieve this dark charcoal color.

Samurai has done a crazy but beautiful thing.. In 2010 they bought a small farm outside Osaka, Japan, with the hopes they would be able to grow their own cotton with the intention of one day being able to make garments made of their own cotton, as in a truly vertically made garment. After eleven years they've been able to grow enough cotton to make t-shirts and of course they're as beautiful as the story behind them. The cotton is minimally processed in very small batches without the use of any harsh cleaning or whitening agents, also all fractured cotton seeds and all staple lengths are left in the cotton during the carding and spinning process for a truly unique fabric. We can really say we’ve never felt or seen a cotton jersey like this from any company. These are now available in very small numbers at our stores.

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Samurai S140SXJ-GRK 18oz Makoto Selvedge Limited Edition Jeans - Relax Tapered
Samurai S211VX 17oz Benkei Denim Jean - Straight Tapered
Samurai ZERO FABRIC T-Shirt - Black (Kuromame - Black Soybean Dyed) Plain

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