Dec 29, 2021

Warehouse Winter Collection

December 29, 2021

Warehouse’s “5-Hydroxy-Tryptamine” flannel is here. This shirt is part of Warehouse's winter flannel collection, which are their heaviest and softest flannels they produce. These are double brushed on the interior so they're soft on the inside and the weave pattern has a nice three dimensional depth; this is up there with the best flannels coming out of Japan.

We also have Warehouse pile cotton winter socks. These socks are fully piled and have excellent cushioning and heat retention so that they can be worn with heavy-duty boots or sneakers. In order to prevent the scratching that tends to occur in thick socks, Warehouse uses a technique called "toe linking" so that the seams do not hit the wearer's toes.

Warehouse loopwheeled sweaters are back and now available in oatmeal or salmon. These are some of the highest quality sweats we’ve seen coming out of Japan.  You can find all these items now online and at all stores.

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Warehouse Loopwheeled Set-In Freedom Crewneck Sweater - Salmon
Warehouse Loopwheeled Set-In Freedom Crewneck Sweater - Oatmeal
Warehouse Pile Cotton Socks

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