Dec 2, 2021

Samurai Winter Collection of Jeans, Flannels, & Tees

December 2, 2021

Samurai's winter collection is here and it includes some highly impressive new things.

Samurai has done the unthinkable. In 2010 they bought a small farm outside Osaka, Japan, with the hopes they would be able to grow their own cotton with the intention of one day being able to make garments made of their own cotton, as in a truly vertically made garment. After ten years they've been able to grow enough cotton to make t-shirts and of course they're as beautiful as the story behind them.

In addition to the ZERO FABRIC t-shirts we have some insanely textured 15oz "baker" pants, an indigo rope-dyed flannel shirt, and a 15oz Texas short stable cotton fiber jean.

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Samurai S0511XXII 15oz Texas Cotton Indigo Denim Jean - Slim Tapered
Samurai 15oz Heavyback Baker Pants
Samurai ZERO FABRIC T-Shirt - Natural Plain

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