Oct 20, 2021

Studio D'Artisan Winter Collection

October 20, 2021

Studio D'Artisan, the oldest of the legendary Osaka 5 group, continues to push boundaries when it comes to textile development using ancient Japanese dying and weaving methods. We have a beautiful flannel shirt this month proving that they've still got it.

The new flannel is made of a Kakishibu cotton yarn, a traditional Japanese Persimmon Tannin dyeing technique which Studio D'Artisan utilizes to dye the yarns of the fabric. This gives the flannel a unique shade of color which will change over time as the flannel becomes worn in and washed.

Along with this new flannel we have a pair of 14oz denim shirts, available in workshirt or western versions, along with a new run of their very popular Dralon fiber socks in three colors.

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Studio D’Artisan 14oz Denim Western Snap Shirt
Studio D’Artisan 14oz Denim Workshirt
Studio D'Artisan Dralon Fiber Socks

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