Jun 29, 2021

Iron Heart Thermals, Shirts, Jeans & Everything Else

June 29, 2021

We've got a large shipment this week from Iron Heart containing jeans, sneakers, jackets, belts, and new thermals and shirts.

For Iron Heart's new denim shirt they've taken a pure indigo dyed warp and a black sulfur dyed weft and woven them together to create a beautiful 14oz denim. The shade on this denim is unique and will look wild once it’s lightened up with some wear.

The new thermals from Iron Heart are great for layering or just to wear alone. They’ve got some very cool 4-needle flat seam construction and chainstitch run-off from the sleeves and hem; get em now in black or gray.

We've also got loads of new production runs of jeans, belts, sneakers, and denim, corduroy, and horsehide jackets.  You can find all these items now across all stores.

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Iron Heart Selvedge Denim Snap Shirt - IHSH-295-IB - 14oz Indigo/Black
Iron Heart Modified Type III Denim Jacket - 14oz Black/Black
Iron Heart Corduroy Modified Type III Jacket - Black
Iron Heart Type III 21oz Indigo Jacket w/ Hand Pockets
Iron Heart 21oz Denim Sneakers - Low-Top Super Black
Iron Heart Heavy Duty Cowhide Belt - Nickel/Black
Iron Heart Heavy Duty Cowhide Belt - Brass/Tan
Iron Heart 777-XHS Jeans - Slim Tapered 25oz
Iron Heart 777s-142bb Jeans - 14oz Slim Tapered Black/Black Denim
Iron Heart IHTL-1301 Thermal - Black
Iron Heart IHTL-1301 Thermal - Gray
Iron Heart Horsehide Leather Jacket - Black Battle Edition

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