Jun 8, 2021

Iron Heart Flannel, Chambray, & Denim Shirts

June 8, 2021

We've got four hot shirts from Iron Heart this week.  

We have a new 5oz summer-weight linen/cotton blend chambray, a CPO shirt made of a 18oz "Vintage" denim, a 12oz Wabash shirt, and an Ultra-Heavy flannel in red/black.

You can find these four shirts in limited numbers across all of our stores.

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Iron Heart Chambray Workshirt - 5oz Selvedge Cotton Linen
Iron Heart CPO Shirt w/ Hand Pockets - IHSH-292-IND - 18oz Indigo Vintage Denim
Iron Heart 12oz Wabash Snap Shirt - IHSH-62-IND

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