May 17, 2021

All Types of Things From Iron Heart

May 17, 2021

This week we have a large Iron Heart drop of short and long sleeve shirts, super heavy 11oz t-shirts, jeans, socks, vests, and everything in between. 

We have some very nice overdyed short sleeve chambray shirts, overdyed denim CPO shirts, indigo kersey shirts, 12oz Superblack denim workshirts, and a new run of those insanely heavy 11oz blank t-shirts in black, white, and olive.  Along with these new items we also have a new run of the 633n Straight Tapered natural indigo jean, heavy medium-length socks, and black denim vests.

You can find all these new seasonal and re-releases at all of our stores now. 

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Iron Heart CPO Shirt w/ Hand Pockets - IHSH-293-OD - 18oz Vintage Denim Overdyed Black
Iron Heart 5.5oz Selvedge Overdyed Chambray - Short Sleeved Work Shirt
Iron Heart Selvedge Denim Workshirt - 12oz Superblack
Iron Heart Indigo Kersey Shirt
Iron Heart 633N 17oz Natural Indigo Jeans - Straight Tapered
Iron Heart Sonny's Black Denim Vest
Iron Heart Super Duper Heavy 11oz T-Shirt - Heavy White
Iron Heart Super Duper Heavy 11oz T-Shirt - Heavy Black
Iron Heart Super Duper Heavy 11oz T-Shirt - Olive

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