May 10, 2021

The Fine Creek Shinki Horsehide Harris Jacket

May 10, 2021

Fine Creek’s Harris jacket here is, available now in an all new Shinki Tannery 1.3mm horsehide. These things age like nothing else and are sewn with a massive attention to detail. Yoshi Yamazaki, Fine Creek’s creative director, is a detail freak and it shows once you start seeing how the leather ages and how the seams pucker over time with regular wear.

This 1.3mm tea-core dyed horsehide is vegetable tanned and aniline finished; it feels and looks great when new and looks unbelievable when broken in. Fine Creek have created a completely new Shinki "recipe" for the Harris model and therefore this exact leather isn’t available on any of their other jackets.

You can find these now at all stores.

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Fine Creek Shinki Horsehide Jacket - Harris

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