Apr 7, 2021

New Spring Releases from Seuvas

April 7, 2021

One of our favorite shirt brands has ventured into the world of flannels for the first time and it seems they can do no wrong. Seuvas come through with a shirt made of an original selvedge flannel complete with double-needle construction, gusseted side seams, and their signature single Amakusa pottery stone button as the only external branding.

It’s no surprise that Seuvas is capable of producing such nice flannels considering all textiles and even the sewing is done in-house in their own factory in Okayama, Japan.

Last season one of the biggest hits at our stores was Seuvas’ first foray into a non-canvas garment with their indigo chambray. For their new summer collection they’ve taken that same chambray and done a double-indigo version with an indigo warp and indigo fill yarn. This creates a much deeper and darker indigo shade compared to a traditional chambray fabric.

Both of these shirts along with a restock of a few of their greatest hits are available now at all stores.

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Seuvas Heavy Winter Flannel Shirt - Lemon Haze
Seuvas Workshirt - Double Indigo Chambray

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