Mar 24, 2021

Mister Freedom Snipes Shirt & Iron Heart Japanese Horsehide Type III Jacket

March 24, 2021

We've got the new Mister Freedom Snipes shirt and Iron Heart horsehide Type III jackets this week!

The Mister Freedom shirts are made of a Japanese mil-spec 100% cotton poplin and finished with corozzo wood buttons, an unstructured one-piece collar, chainstitch construction with narrow seams, and elbow reinforcement patches. Every detail is executed to the highest degree because that’s the only way Mister Freedom knows how to do anything.

Iron Heart's horsehide Type III jackets are made from tea-core chrome-tanned horsehide in Himeji, Japan and are modified with a slightly longer body than the original Type III version. They come with the addition of two external hand-warmer pockets, two internal "gun" pockets, and an olive cotton twill lining.

You can find both these items at all stores now.

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Mister Freedom Snipes Shirt - Olive Drab Poplin
Iron Heart Japanese Horsehide Type III Jacket

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