Mar 4, 2021

Flat Head Engineer Boots, Wild Child Wallets, & Feather Rings

March 4, 2021

Flat Head is back!  The first delivery is a fresh batch of their engineer boots, Wild Child wallets, and sterling silver feather rings. Next week we'll have some of their shirts, most of which were made exclusively for our five stores.

Flat Head makes the ultimate engineer boot, made in small batches by a small shop which generally only produces boots for Flat Head's line of footwear. Made of a natural pull-up Chromexcel leather, the amount of natural oil in this leather is unreal due to the aniline "dying" process the leather goes through. This run was custom made for Flat Head so that the boot will show a little extra wear from even occasional wear. These will look wild once broken in. These come complete with custom made brass and iron buckles, Vibram's #700 and #705 heel and sole, a hand stitched shaft seam, and a Japanese made steel shank for sole stability.  These are now available in a larger size range than the first run.

We’ve also received a fresh run of Flat Head’s Wild Child wallets. Over the years this has turned into the most sought after wallet we carry. They’re super functional, age like nothing else you’ve seen, and last a lifetime. These are made of Shinki shell cordovan, cowhide, have an inner pigskin lining, and come with a sterling silver ring. Available now in tan or black.

In addition to the boots and wallets we also have a restock of their .925 sterling silver feather rings. All these items can now be found across all our stores.

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Flat Head Goodyear Welted Engineer Boots - Black Chromexcel
Flat Head Goodyear Welted Engineer Boots - Natural Pull-Up Chromexcel
Flat Head Wild Child Leather & Cordovan Wallet - Black
Flat Head Wild Child Leather & Cordovan Wallet - Tan
Flat Head Silver Feather Ring

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