Feb 11, 2021

The Iron Heart BSPTIII22oz Overdyed Jacket & New Runs of Every Other Imaginable Thing

February 11, 2021

The Iron Heart BSPTIII22oz overdyed jacket is here!  This is a limited edition overdyed denim jacket made out of a base 22oz Japanese denim with an indigo warp and dark beige weft.  These jackets have been overdyed black with a fugitive pigment dye which is an unstable and un-permanent dye that fades to later show the indigo denim underneath.  The jacket itself is based off a traditional Type III denim jacket with added hand pockets a slight bit of length added to the body so it can easily worn with untucked shirts.

Along with these jackets we've received new production runs of left hand twill denim jackets and the 633 straight tapered, 888 high rise slim, and 777 slim tapered jeans in various denim weights in both indigo and overdyed versions.

You can find all these items now at all stores and online.

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Iron Heart BSPTIII22oz = Type III Modified 22oz Overdyed Denim Jacket
Iron Heart Left Hand Twill Denim 19oz Jacket - Modified
Iron Heart 633N 17oz Natural Indigo Jeans - Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 633s-14 Lightweight 14oz Denim Jean - Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 888s 21oz Denim Jean - High Rise Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 888s-OD Overdyed Jeans - Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 777s Jeans - Slim Tapered 21oz
Iron Heart 777s-142 Jeans - Slim Tapered 14oz Denim
Iron Heart 777-XHS Jeans - Slim Tapered 25oz

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