Jan 18, 2021

Iron Heart Jeans, Jackets, Socks, & More

January 18, 2021

We've just received a huge delivery from Iron Heart containing everything from jeans to jackets to socks.  We've got the straight tapered 633 jeans in an overdyed 18oz denim, the slim tapered 777 in 14oz indigo and 17oz cotton duck, the straight leg 634s in an overdyed 21oz denim, and more.  

Along with the jeans we've got fresh production runs of denim jackets, overshirts in both indigo and overdyed, and they're super comfortable socks in two colors.

You can find all these items at all of our stores and online now.

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Iron Heart 633s-OD Overdyed 18oz Denim Jeans - Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 634s-B 21oz Overdyed Jean - Straight Leg
Iron Heart 777s-142 Jeans - Slim Tapered 14oz Denim
Iron Heart 777D 17oz Cotton Duck Jeans
Iron Heart Type III 21oz Indigo Jacket w/ Hand Pockets - IH-526PJ
Iron Heart 12oz Overdyed Snap Buttoned Shirt - IHSH-33-OD
Iron Heart Denim Western - Stealth Edition - IHSH-33-T

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