Jan 6, 2021

Pure Blue Japan Black/Black Slub Jeans & Tees

January 6, 2021

Some really good black jeans from Pure Blue Japan have come in this week. This model is made of a PBJ designed 14oz selvedge denim made from a slub cotton fiber. You don’t see black warp / black weft jeans with this level of character within the fabric very often. These look great when new and look even better broken in.

We also have PBJ's yarn-dyed indigo tees in two shades.  We have their dark indigo color and a “sunburned” faded out version. These have a unique light feel to them compared to some of the other tees we stock.  While these tees are considered “medium weight” we find that due to the type of cotton used and the process they've been through these tees are quite comfortable right off the bat.

You can find these black jeans and indigo tees at all stores now.

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Pure Blue Japan XX-019-BB Slubby Double Black Jean - Straight Tapered
Pure Blue Japan Yarn-Dyed Indigo T-Shirt - Sunburned Indigo
Pure Blue Japan Yarn-Dyed Indigo T-Shirt

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