Dec 9, 2020

Studio D'Artisan Kimono-Kasuri shirts, Heavy Thermals, & Suvin Gold Loopwheeled T-Shirts

December 9, 2020

Big delivery this week from the oldest of the Osaka Five brands, Studio D'Artisan.

First off we have their new Kimono-Kasuri shirt. Studio D’Artisan continue to push forward in terms of bringing the most interesting fabrics to shirts and jackets. This week have a limited edition shirt made out of recreated vintage kimono designs printed with pure indigo on an original cotton fabric. Due to the number of fabric designs they've produced there are seven different fabric designs.

Studio D’Artisan makes some very impressive basics and every winter they do a run of heavy thermal shirts in various colors. For the winter season this year they’ve done a great khaki color. These are made of a super nice SDA developed 100% cotton thermal fabric and are great for wearing alone or for layering.

Along with the new thermal and short sleeve shirt we have fresh production runs of their loopwheeled t-shirts in every imaginable style. We have indigo-dyed and black flat lock seamed pocket tees, we have long staple cotton loopwheeled pocket tees, and of course we have their insanely nice Suvin Gold t-shirts available in three colors.

You can find all these items along with a full restock of jeans, belts, and socks at all stores and online.

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Studio D’Artisan Kimono-Kasuri Indigo Dyed Shirt
Studio D’Artisan Heavy Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt - Khaki
Studio D’Artisan Tsuri-Ami Loopwheeled Blank T-Shirts - Plastic-Packed Black
Studio D’Artisan Tsuri-Ami Loopwheeled Blank T-Shirts - Plastic-Packed White
Studio D'Artisan Suvin Gold Loopwheeled T-Shirt - Heather Gray
Studio D'Artisan Suvin Gold Loopwheeled T-Shirt - White
Studio D’Artisan Suvin Gold Loopwheeled T-Shirt - Black

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