Aug 1, 2019

Iron Heart Fall Collection, Limited Edition Overdyed Jackets, & More!

August 1, 2019

Iron Heart has just delivered to us a large selection of new jeans in various denim styles, overdyed jackets and overshirts, natural indigo chambray shirts, corduroy Type III jackets, and more.  

We now have their 777 slim tapered jean in stock at our stores.  This jean is available in 14oz and 21oz indigo denim styles along with an overdyed 14oz denim.  

We also have a very limited run of overdyed modified Type III jackets made of the 23oz denim which was used on the SEXIH13 jean.  Only 60 of these jackets were produced and this is the last of the denim from that collaboration.  

Along with these jeans and jackets we also have a new 6oz natural indigo organic cotton chambray workshirt and and an 18oz overdyed CPO shirt with hand pockets.

All these items are available now in-store and online.

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Iron Heart 777s-142 Jeans - Slim Tapered 14oz Denim
Iron Heart 777s-142OD Jeans - Slim Tapered 14oz Overdyed
Iron Heart 777s Jeans - Slim Tapered 21oz
Iron Heart TIIIBSP2019-OD Overdyed Modified Type III Jacket - 23oz Denim
Iron Heart Chambray Shirt - 6oz Natural Indigo / Organic Cotton Workshirt
Iron Heart Corduroy Modified Type III Jacket - Black

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