Jul 30, 2019

Introducing Masahiro Maruyama - Disorderly Eyewear from Japan

July 30, 2019

Every now and then a line comes along which changes the ideas of what a certain product could be like, how it could function, and how it could be designed and manufactured.  To challenge all these aspects in 2019 isn't easy.  We've found an eyewear line from Japan which does all of these things by the name of Masahiro Maruyama.  

We've been carrying Masahiro Maruyama for nearly two years at our stores but were unable to put any of their eyewear online as they wanted it to be an in-store only collection.  We're happy to announce that they've changed this policy and their glasses are now available online.  

Mr. Maruyama comes from an eyewear design background and has designed for some very large (more mainstream) collections before breaking off and doing a line under his own name.  With this line he challenges the traditional norms of eyewear design from every angle.  He draws his designs on paper as opposed to using CAD drawings because he believes eyewear shouldn't be symmetrical because our faces are asymmetrical.  His designs are playful, creative, and different in almost every way from any eyewear line we've seen.  All the frames are made in a small factory in Japan using domestic titanium and acetate and fully finished by hand for the right level of polish.

We have five models in stock online and about 15 models available in-store at five stores.  

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Masahiro Maruyama Titanium Sunglasses - MM-0040 / #4
Masahiro Maruyama Titanium Sunglasses - MM-0040 / #5
Masahiro Maruyama Titanium Sunglasses - MM-0039 / #2
Masahiro Maruyama Titanium Sunglasses - MM-0029 / #2
Masahiro Maruyama Acetate Sunglasses - MM-0042 / #4

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