Jul 9, 2019

Iron Heart Overdyed Denim Jackets and 25oz Denim Jeans

July 9, 2019

This week we have two special releases from Iron Heart.  First up we have a super heavy weight 25oz selvedge denim which has been made into the 633 straight tapered fit.  Iron Heart's 25oz denim has a great feel to it and is still wearable for being such a heavy weight jean.

We also have a new run of the SEXIH07IIIBK2 overdyed 18oz denim Type III jacket.  This is a modified Type III body with a little extra length in the body and hand pockets added.  

Both of these items are available now at all stores.

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Iron Heart 633-XHS Jean - 25oz Straight Tapered
Iron Heart SEXIH07IIIBK2 = Type III Modified Overdyed Jacket

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