Jun 19, 2019

Huge Iron Heart Delivery with Jeans, Bracelets, Vests, Key-rings, & T-Shirts

June 19, 2019

We've just received a few large Iron Heart deliveries filled with jeans in both indigo and overdyed styles in multiple fits, 8301s Superblack fade-to-gray slim tapered jeans, black denim vests, sterling silver chain bracelets, brass key-rings in both S-hook and spring styles, and 11oz blank t-shirts in black or white.

All these items are available now across all of our stores and online.

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Iron Heart 634s-B 21oz Overdyed Jean - Straight Leg
Iron Heart 888s-OD Overdyed Jeans - Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 888s 21oz Denim Jean - High Rise Straight Tapered
Iron Heart 634s 21oz Indigo Selvedge Jean - Straight Leg
Iron Heart 8301s SBG Super Black Fade-To-Gray Denim
Iron Heart Sterling Silver Bracelet
Iron Heart Sonny's Black Denim Vest
Iron Heart Brass Triple-Ring - S-Hook Keyhook
Iron Heart Brass Triple-Ring - Spring Clip
Iron Heart Super Duper Heavy 11oz T-Shirt - Heavy White
Iron Heart Super Duper Heavy 11oz T-Shirt - Heavy Black

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