May 24, 2019

3sixteen 40BSP Caustic Wave Denim Jeans & Jacket

May 24, 2019

This week we have a new run of 3sixteen's Caustic Wave denim jackets and jeans.  

The 40BSP jean is made of a 16.5oz unsanforized (but rinsed) denim made into a straight tapered jean fit. This fit has a true medium rise, a top block that is comfortable, and a leg which has a strong taper for a small leg opening at the hem.

One of the best selling denim jackets of the past few years has been 3sixteen’s modified Type III. We’re happy to announce that it’s also made in a traditional indigo warp / natural weft denim using the 16.5oz Caustic Wave 40BSP denim which starts out unsanforized but has been rinsed to make sizing easier. This jacket has cord lined hand pockets and cuffs, a slightly extended length so you can wear with untucked shirts easily, and slightly longer sleeves than 3sixteen's normal Type III jackets.

The "Caustic Wave" denim was developed with the intention of creating a fabric which would yield electric blue high friction points and a high contrast fade with regular wear.  A strong variation within the weave of the fabric combined with strongly twisted yarns of uneven shapes and lengths creates an abrasive denim with a crisp and dry hand feel.  

We also have a fresh run of their black zip hoodies.

All three of these items are available now at all stores and online.

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3sixteen+ 40BSP 16.5oz Caustic Wave Denim - Straight Tapered
3sixteen+ 16.5oz Caustic Wave Denim - Type III Modified Jacket
3sixteen Heavyweight Hoodie - Black Zip-Up

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