Apr 3, 2019

Flat Head 3002 Jean & Sterling Silver Feather Rings

April 3, 2019

This week from Flat Head we've received their sterling silver feather ring, the 3002 model jean, and a wide variety of leather accessories.

The Flat Head 3002 slim tapered jean is made of their flagship 3XXX 14.5oz loomstate denim which is one of the best denim styles for those wanting to achieve a high contrast fade over time with regular wear.  These are available now in all sizes and now come with a button fly.

We've also received a fresh batch of Flat Head's sterling silver feather rings.  These are fully adjustable due to the open design of the ring and are one of our favorite versions of a feather ring we've seen.

Both of these items along with a full restock of wallets, cordovan card cases, and belts have hit all of our stores.

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Flat Head Silver Feather Ring

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