Mar 3, 2019

Introducing Seuvas - All Canvas Everything

March 3, 2019

We're excited to announce the addition of a new line to our great list of brands by the name of Seuvas.  The name "Seuvas" is a portmanteau of blending what they do, "sewing" and "canvas".  

Seuvas is a brand dedicated to the art of producing canvas of all weights. They own their own canvas looms and factory which produces their canvas exactly to their specifications for the right look and texture. They even cut and sew all the garments in their own workshop in Kurashiki, Japan using vintage sewing machines so that the canvas reacts with just the right amount of puckering at the seams.

The only external branding on their garments is a single hand-made porcelain button made from clay ore (Amakusa pottery stone) mined in Amakusa City, Kimamoto prefecture, Japan. Amakusa pottery stone is a historic pottery stone that is a raw material which has been used in Japanese pottery since the 17th century. These porcelain buttons are designed by Seuvas and made in the traditional way in Amakusa.

Their first collection consists of two types of canvas for a total of 3 different garments.  We have two long sleeve shirts and a coverall jacket.  All three of these items are available now at all stores and online.

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Seuvas 79A Canvas Workshirt - Natural
Seuvas 79A Canvas Farmer's Shirt
Seuvas No. 11 Canvas Coverall Jacket - Natural

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