Nov 7, 2018

Iron Heart Kersey Shirts, Heavy Thermals, Type II Jackets, and Slim Cut Chinos

November 7, 2018

We've got a load of new things from Iron Heart this week.  

We have Indigo Kersey shirts, heavy weight long sleeve thermals, 18oz raw denim Type II jackets, and slim cut chinos in khaki and navy. 

All these items along with restocks of all Iron Heart jeans and belts are available now at our stores.

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Iron Heart Indigo Kersey Shirt - IHSH-208-IND
Iron Heart Extra Heavy Cotton Knit Thermal IHTL-1700v2 - Gray
Iron Heart 18oz Raw Selvedge Type II Jacket
Iron Heart Selvedge Chinos IH-721 - Slim Cut Khaki
Iron Heart Selvedge Chinos IH-721 - Slim Cut Navy

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