Oct 30, 2018

Introducing Poten - Japanese Made Baseball Caps

October 30, 2018

Poten is a new line out of Japan which only makes baseball caps. They’re made in the same factory which produces for the major league Japanese baseball teams in Japan and they produce for nobody else. Brands have been hitting up this factory for years to make caps for them and they refuse.

The owner of Poten, Hiro, is a baseball fanatic, and he said he visited the factory every few months for 3 years until he was able to prove that “he loved baseball as much as they do” and so they finally agreed to produce his line of caps.

Hiro used to play baseball in college and in the minors in Japan, has a huge baseball card collection (one of the largest in Japan he says), and his corporate name for Poten is “Gwynn”, which is amazing. “Poten” is what a “bloop hit” is called in Japan.

The hats are wild nice, nicer than any other straight ahead baseball cap we've ever seen. They come in cool fabrics, some of which are even technical fabrics (water proof, wind/water resistant, etc..).

Every cap style has a super soft and supple inner leather headband which has been lightly treated so it’s not destroyed by sweat.

The caps have zero exterior branding except for the stitches which you can see from the top of the crown from the interior branding tags being sewn into the center of the crown. The cap has a medium height crown and the brim has a medium length to it with 19 concentric stitches which feel and look pretty cool in person. If you're into baseball caps, you'll love what Poten is doing.

The first three models in Poten's line-up are available now at all our stores and online.

Poten Japanese Made Cap - Olive Cord
Poten Japanese Made Cap - Black Nylon
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