Oct 18, 2018

Mister Freedom Varsity & Melton Wool Jackets

October 18, 2018

Not many brands do jackets as well as Mister Freedom.  This season they've done two fun twists, one on a traditional varsity and one on a peacoat style jacket.  

The Headquarters jacket sees Mister Freedom going full on with chainstitch embroidered patches, a compressed wool body, and horsehide arms.  The jacket's arms and pockets are lined with camo and the fit is a slightly slimmed down classic fitting varsity. 

The Hudson jacket is a great winter coat that can be worn in multiple ways along with a hood which can be unzipped to lay flat against the back or zipped for full protection.  This jacket is designed so that the top half of the front is buttoned while the bottom half is zippered and you can button/zip up both or just one.  

Both of these jackets are available now at all of our stores.

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