Aug 20, 2018

Pure Blue Japan's Pop-Up Beige Jeans, Loopback Military Henley Tees, & Special Jean Rinse Process

August 20, 2018

This week from Pure Blue Japan we have a new jean, an amazing summer weight loopback indigo-dye henley t-shirt, and an introduction to their new jean rinse process for Self Edge.

All new models and future restocks of Pure Blue Japan’s jeans at our stores will go through a special rinse process we developed with PBJ which is exclusive to Self Edge. With this new process the jeans are lightly soaked inside out in warm water then naturally air dried; there is minimal shrinkage left in the denim while the jean still feels rigid due to the "at home" style rinse process. These jeans have not gone through any industrial washing or drying processes as to retain as much of the raw denim feel as possible while getting rid of any shrinkage which takes place during the initial wash of an unsanforized denim jean.

Their new PBE-019 17.5oz model has a very interesting process used for the warp yarns. They've used a beige yarn as the base of the warp then dyed the yarn with pure indigo until it's a deep indigo blue color. This looks beautiful when raw and sure to age in a very interesting manner once worn in.

We've also received a new summer-weight loopback henley t-shirt which is pure indigo dyed, has lockstitch construction throughout, and comes with metal buttons on the placket.

Both of these items are available now at all of our stores.

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Pure Blue Japan PBE-019 17.5oz Pop-Up Beige-Core Indigo Jean - Straight Tapered

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