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Merz b. Schwanen

Merz B. Schwanen Loopwheeled T-Shirt - Merino Wool Natural - 2W15.02


Model is 6’2” Tall, 195 lbs, 41” chest and wears a X-Large
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Vertical Length25.5"26.5"27.5"28"
Sleeve Length8"8"9"9"
Shoulder Width17"17"18"18"

We believe Merz has created the finest loopwheeled t-shirt we've ever seen, not to mention the world's first merino wool loopwheeled t-shirt. These keep you cool when its warm out and warm when its cold out as that's what a fine merino wool does. We're blown away by the feel of these t-shirts. Due to how the wool absorbs the black pigment the t-shirt can be washed countless times with zero color loss.

A word from the organization raising the sheep which this mulesing-free merino wool comes from: There are two main reasons why Tasmania is home to the best-quality wool in the world. Merino sheep have been bred in Tasmania for over 180 years. This has led to the emergence of modern breeds which provide very fine, tear-resistant wool and which, thanks to their body shape, do not require the notorious, painful mulesing. It is also the sheep’s living conditions which are responsible for the top-quality wool. Tasmania provides the greatest possible diversity. The animals can roam almost unlimitedly and discover rich, natural sources of food, such as pasture grass, which is especially high in protein. The climate is moderate, since the winters are not particularly cold, and extreme heat is just as rare. These factors lead to uniform fiber growth. Tasmanian shepherds recognize the importance of their animals, and in 180 years they have learned to handle them in a way that is appropriate to the species, characterized by sustainable farming and responsible action.

  • "2W15" 2-thread 100% Merino Wool extra fine
  • Certified Cruelty-Free Merino Wool
  • Loopwheeled on Vintage Loopwheeling Machines
  • Merino wool: yarn designation Power Z - Extrafine Tasmania Nm 60/1
  • Weight: approx. 200 - 205 g
  • Seams are Sewn with Overlock Machine
  • Neck is "gebördelt" (German), aka Crimped
  • Bottom Hem is Made with a special blind stitch machine
  • Arm Cuffs are Overlock Sewn
  • Rinsed (shrinkage is minimal once washed in cold water)
  • Tasmanian Certified Mulesing Free Wool

6’2” Tall, 195 lbs, 41” chest and wears a X-Large