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Fine Creek Leathers

Fine Creek Virginia Beach Horsehide Type II Jacket


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Size 3840424446
Vertical Length24"24.8"25.75"26.5"27.25"
Sleeve Length24.6"25"25.5"26"26.5"
Shoulder Width17"17.8"18.5"19.25"20"

Fine Creek makes some of the most beautiful horsehide jackets we've seen. Using a vegetable tanned Japanese horsehide, which ages in a fairly fast manner, they cut and sew these jackets in their own studio in Tokyo. The quality of stitching is as good as it gets for a leather jacket, and we've not seen many jackets age as well as these do. Depending on the panel they'll use a different type of stitch thread and thread count to achieve puckering in certain areas for added character.

This is Fine Creek Leathers' take on the classic Type II jacket. The way the front chest pleats pull and pucker with wear is truly a sight to behold. This comes in as a classic fit with just a hair of length added to the body.

Care: We recommend not doing much to these jackets outside of wearing them. The natural oils in this level of quality of horsehide is enough for quite a few years. At the most Fine Creek suggests to wipe down the jacket every few months with a damp soft towel, and once every couple of years to rub in some Mustang Paste leather conditioner into the jacket.

  • Japanese Vegetable Tanned / Aniline Finished Horsehide
  • Tanned in Himeji, Japan
  • Custom Tanning Recipe by Yoshikatsu Yamazaki
  • 100% Cotton Pigment Dyed Liner
  • Vintage Style Steel Buttons
  • Sewn In Same Method as Denim Jacket (for extra puckering at seams)
  • Sewn In-House at Fine Creek Leathers, Tokyo, Japan