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Neff Goldsmith

Neff Goldsmith Sterling Silver Necklace & Pendant - Axe Head


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A sterling silver axe pendant and necklace with a custom silver & gold clasp. The sterling sliver chain has a custom clasp with 18k gold details and the axe head has a polished honed edge. Those three small marks on the axe head are vintage style jeweler's hallmarks.

Fully made by hand by Chris Neff with enough detail to impress even the harshest critic.

  • 100% .925 Sterling Silver w/ 18k gold clasp details
  • 20" Long .925 Sterling Silver Chain
  • Polished Honed Edge
  • Chain slides through tapered hole similar to an actual axe head
  • Hallmarked with a hand carved antique style intaglio stamp
  • Fully Hand Made by Chris Neff Goldsmith