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Neff Goldsmith

Neff Goldsmith Sterling Silver Necklace & Pendant - Textured Shackle


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A sterling silver (working) shackle and chain. This piece has a custom bail made of square sterling wire milgrained on two corners on a custom made lathe then twisted to create the barber pole like pattern. The shank is hallmarked with a hand carved antique style intaglio stamp (on the opposite side of this photo).

  • 100% .925 Sterling Silver
  • 20" Long .925 Sterling Silver Chain
  • Fully Functioning Shackle
  • Modeled Accurately After Real Chain Hardware
  • Bail made of square wire milgrained on 2 corners on a customized lathe then twisted to resemble a barber pole pattern then coiled to create the bail
  • Hallmarked with a hand carved antique style intaglio stamp
  • Fully Hand Made by Chris Neff Goldsmith