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Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Type III Black Denim Jeans - Slim


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Size Chart

Size 282930313233343638
Leg Opening7.25"7.25"7.25"7.4"7.5"7.75"8"8.25"9"
Front Rise10.5"10.5"11"11"11"11.5"11.5"12"12.5"
Back Rise13.75"14.25"14.5"14.5"14.75"15"15.25"15.75"16.5"

This is Sugar Cane's newest denim, developed in-house over the past year and seeing its first use as a slim cut jean. They've used two different black yarns to create this fabric. The warp (top) is made of a sulfur dyed yarn and the weft (underside) is made of a reactive pigment dyed yarn. This means the warp will fade over time from black to gray to white after many wears yet the weft will stay black and only fade to a medium gray very slowly. Two different black yarns, one denim, living on the edge.

DISCLAIMER: These jeans are made of one-washed unsanforized denim, if washed and line dried the denim will not shrink in the waist or length. Please keep this in mind when choosing your size. The denim will also stretch in the waist up to 1.5" after approximately 30 wears.

  • 13oz Yarn-Dyed Black Selvedge Denim
  • Right Hand Twill
  • #8 Warp Sulfur Dyed Yarn
  • #8 Weft Reactive Dyed Yarn
  • 1940's Style Sewing Using #30, #20, #8, & #6 Black Thread Stitching
  • Redline Selvedge ID
  • Deerskin Leather Patch
  • Made in Japan
  • Slim Fit
  • Rinsed (Shrinkage is minimal)