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Good Art

Good Art Curb Chain ID Ring


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This ring became an instant winner for us when we first saw the Artist's Proof.  It was comfortable and looked great on any finger.  Typically a piece of jewelry which has a "plate" or "block" will have a gallery (the hollowed out space on the back whose purpose is to save weight/money), but no.. not on a Good Art piece; they go full-on with the metals, filling in every area so the ring has a nice heft to it.  A piece of jewelry should look great both on and off your body, not unlike how the inner construction of a pair of jeans is just as important as the exterior.

  • 100% 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made in USA
  • Hand Made & Hand Finished
  • Inner Branding
  • Includes Good Art Baggie
  • Ring Width: 10mm