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Buzz Rickson

Buzz Rickson Navy Pea Coat - USN 1910's Model


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Size 3638404244
Vertical Length30.5"31"32.5"33.5"34.5"
Sleeve Length24"24.5"25.5"26.5"26.7"
Shoulder Width17.5"18"18.5"19"19.5"

Buzz Rickson has gone to great lengths to reproduce the perfect classic pea-coat. The US Navy"s original pea-coat was fabricated from heavy, 36-ounce melton wool and, up until the late 1930"s, featured black bakelite buttons displaying an anchor surrounded by 13 stars; the 13 stars were derived from the original 13 states when the United States became an independent nation and broke its ties to England in 1776. The large-sized collar of the coat was designed to block strong ocean winds and the corduroy-lined side pockets helped thwart the numbing effect on hands from the biting winter seas. By the 1940"s, officer"s coats were redesisgned and the heavy melton wool was relegated only for the enlisted ranks" pea coats and the 13-star buttons were changed to the fouled-anchor design still employed to this day.

Buzz Rickson takes it back to their favorite era of the pea coat, the 1910 style with all the classic stylings found on the original.

  • 36oz Melton Wool
  • Rayon Satin Lined
  • Mil Specs (13 Stars and Anchor Motif) Buttons
  • Corduroy Lined Pockets
  • Made in Japan