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Good Art

Good Art Leather Bracelet w/ Sterling Buckle - Tan

This bracelet was designed to be a simple, lightweight, but detailed accessory. The buckle is a reversed Conway Buckle, with a center pin that does not move, giving the buckle a unique look once set.
The leather is Wicket & Craig's top grade bridal leather, veggie dyed, to produce a rich earth-tone that is sure to age well with regular wear.
The edges are burnished and both sides have been "laminated", it's more work but feels better on your wrist.

Good Art's jewelry and accessories are available at all Self Edge locations.  We have their full range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, key clips, pins, wallets, and more.  We also offer their entire range to be customized to your specifications, come into any of our stores for more information or to make a purchase.

  • 925 Sterling Silver "Reverse Conway" Buckle
  • Wicket & Craig Grade #1 Bridal Leather
  • Hand Made & Hand Finished
  • Fully Burnished Edges
  • Detailed Branding on Buckle
  • Made in USA
  • Small: Measures 6.5" from the middle hole to the center post.
  • Medium: Measures 7.25" from the middle hole to the center post.
  • Large: Measures 8.25" from the middle hole to the center post.