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Good Art

Good Art Rosette Club Ring

Good Art's Club Ring was originally made as a challenge in creating a complicated ring yet maintaining a simple appearance. The ring is made of five separate pieces, each cast then finished individually. Once hand finished the four rosette pieces are set into the ring body with two smaller ones on the side, one large piece in the center (top), and a final (showoff) piece set upside down beneath the center (top) rosette.

The reason for the "Club Ring" moniker is that when Josh Warner, Good Art's founder, first created the piece he felt he should rebel against the dull and the simple; if he could make this complicated ring he would be within the club of those who could pull it off. This has been a staple in the Good Art line since its beginning.

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  • 100% 925 Sterling Silver
  • 5 Seperate Pieces
  • Hand Made & Hand Finished
  • Inner Branding
  • Includes Good Art Baggie & Certificate of Authenticity
  • Made in USA
  • Sizes are US Ring Sizes & Run True to Size