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Self Edge

Self Edge Haught Inlaid Pocket-Knives


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Ken Haught is a retired cowboy from Pinetop, Arizona. He grew up on a ranch near Payson, Arizona and owned three other ranches in his working days. As he explains it, "I was a rancher, but I had to sell commercial real estate to keep the ranches going"He attended Fort Lewis College, in Durango, Colorado in the 60ʼs for two years before going joining the Navy and serving tours in Vietnam. His interest in archeology while at Fort Lewis led to his lifelong hobby of creating knives.His main effort is his hand made knives made of flint that he knaps himself. The handles are made from inlayed wood or elk antlers that he collects in the forests around Pinetop when the animals shed them in the spring.

Ten years ago, he began to inlay the handles of pocket knives with the same material he used in his wooden handle knives. He began by buying a few knives and taking the original handles off, replacing them with his own. Today, he still inlays them one at a time using top quality knives. The Schrade knife is his favorite. This American knife is no longer made in the states, but rather in both Japan and China, for the Self Edge knives only the Made in Japan ones are used. He feels these have the best blade and mechanism.He works with all natural stones such as turquoise from the American Southwest, malachite, pipestone, fossilized Ivory, jet, and obsidian. He uses hardwoods from around the world including Cherry Wood, Olive Wood, Teak, and Bloodwood.

Note: Due to the hand-made nature and one-off production techniques these vary slightly from piece to piece, you're sure to love it regardless.

  • Shrade Knife Base (Made in Japan)
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Hand Made Handles by Ken Haught
  • Exclusive to Self Edge
  • Small Length: Open = 4.5" Closed = 2.75" (Blade = 2")
  • Large Length: Open = 7.2" Closed = 4" (Blade = 3")