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Papa Nui

Papa Nui 109’ers Cap - 9oz Japanese Denim


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‘Coconuts' Kennedy was one of the Papa's founding members. 'Coconuts' was so named because the local Marys’ thought that his thick shock of brown hair reminded them of the husk from a coconut. 'Coconuts' relished his mantle and proudly wore his Papa Nui denim cap perched at a jaunty angle on the back of his head with his ‘husk’, profusely sticking out the front.

Back in '43, he and the Papa zipped around the Blackett Straights at dawn in the pre-light looking for ideal reef breaks when the combination of wind and tide would be right to drag out their logs. Jumping from the deck of the PT boat and paddling into the ocean shelf, 'Coconuts' and the Papa would ride the South Pacific swell lines, drawing elegant patterns across those shallow draws.
Sometime after, a native turned up at Papa HQ with a carved coconut message. Seems Kennedy was involved in some sort of a collision with a destroyer that had totalled that plywood canoe of his and that he needed a ‘re-cap’ and rescue from a deserted Atoll.
‘Coconuts’ got his caps and got off that patch of sand and coral. The government flew him home and made him President of the United States. Whew! the Papa thought, not bad for a surf bum who only ever wore a pair of trunks and one of the Papa's caps.

  • Japanese 9oz indigo denim
  • Battleship Grey anti glare flip up
  • Country of Origin Hinomaru Patch
  • Deep aviators crown to counter PT boat wind and spray
  • Made in Japan