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Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane for Self Edge - BSPOW - Straight Tapered 14oz Okinawa


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Size 293031323334363840
Leg Opening6.5"6.7"6.8"7.25"7.25"7.5"8"8.3"8.5"
Front Rise10.5"10.7"11"11.75"12"12"12.5"13.5"13.5"
Back Rise14.5"15"14.5"15.1"15.75"16"16.5"17.3"18"

Sugar Cane for Self Edge jeans are here! These jeans come in a new straight tapered fit developed by us and perfected by the pattern makers of Sugar Cane. These jeans are available in unsanforized (but rinsed) denim for maximum texture and character and come with black anodized wreath buttons, hidden rivets, super fancy variable weave density pocket bags (read below), and a very pleasing straight tapered fit with a medium rise.

Let’s talk about the pocket bag. These great inventions are literally cloth bags sewn into an opening of a pair of pants so you can drop things into pockets which are hidden on the inside of your jeans. Problem is they’re one of the first things to get destroyed if you spend a lot of time wearing your jeans and using the front pockets. After spending over a decade offering jean repairs at Self Edge we spend a lot of time thinking of how we can improve areas of a jean without making too much of a visual impact. We previously made Self Edge exclusive jeans where we doubled up the fabric on the lower half of the pocket bag to reinforce the first areas which would fail. This worked great but had two downsides, it created a bit of unnecessary bulk and over time the seam of the second fabric would create a horizontal fade line across your lap.

We’re excited to offer pocket bags on the new Sugar Cane for Self Edge jeans which are made of a variable density woven cotton cloth. No seams, no second piece of fabric, just a single piece of fabric where the bottom half’s yarn density is increased by 30%. Like magic, but not really.. these pocket bags are made on vintage machines which used to weave variable density pocket bags from nearly 100 years ago. The combination of machines which were expensive to maintain and consumers treating jeans as if they were disposable meant these variable density pocket bags disappeared from pants altogether. Yes, we’re getting excited about pocket bags.

Disclaimer: These jeans are made of rinsed unsanforized denim, if washed in cold water and air/line dried the shrinkage is minimal. Please keep this in mind when choosing your size. The denim will also stretch in the waist up to 1" after approximately 30 wears.

  • 14oz Unsanforized (Rinsed) Sugar Cane Fiber Denim
  • 50/50 Cotton/Sugar Cane Fiber Blend Denim
  • Black Painted Iron Hardware
  • Special Variable Density Pocket Bags
  • Cowhide Leather Patch
  • Button Fly
  • Hidden Rivets
  • Rinsed
  • Made in Japan
  • Straight Tapered Fit